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When it's old Call Bold!!

Bold Construction

Bold Construction is family owned and operated locally in Ypsilanti, MI.  We have two licensed contractors with over 50 years of construction experience. We have a team of Real Estate agents with almost 10 years of experience.  We serve Wayne/Washtenaw/Oakland counties.  In 2018 the Summerlin family joined the Courage and Van De Ven families to form Bold Construction together. Bold Construction is still operated by the founding members and their children. 


Bold construction has two licensed builders, Tom Summerlin and Josh Summerlin. Tom has been licensed for almost 50 years and Josh got licensed in 2020.  The Van De Ven and Courage families had been in the Construction industry for 10+ years before forming Bold Construction with the Summerlins'.  Tom and Josh use to operate as TA Summerlin as a father and son duo. While the Van De Ven and Courages' operated a house flipping business as Bold Property Solutions as well as an independent handyman service. Bold Construction also has a Senior designer Katie Osak, and a junior designer Hannah.  We currently have multiple Crews for renovations, as well as a designated handyman.  


At Bold Construction we hold everyone in our company accountable for providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to treat all our customers as family with care and compassion while providing the highest quality of work without cutting corners.  We work hard and quick on each project while maintaining a clean work environment from start to finish. 

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